Episode 060: Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.


Episode 060: Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. 

Tonight, we explore the catalog of Belgian label Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. Curated by visual and recording artist Neils Geybels, who you might also know as Sequences and False Moniker, the label has seen 37 releases since its first in April of 2015. In this hour, we'll hear new and recent tracks from T Soltau, Anji Cheung, Head Dress, Alethe and Alocasia Garden to name a few. 

Here's the list:

We'll be back together soon with some exciting updates and label features from Nostilevo, Tandem Tapes and Dinzu Artifacts. Plus new music from Masayuki Imanishi, Hainbach and more.

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