Norelco Mori is a cassette-only podcast with a penchant for dark and difficult music.

Episodes are recorded "almost weekly" in Saint Louis. Selections are curated from artist/label submissions, and titles from my own collection. .



 Episodes average an hour in length and are encoded in high quality 320kbps mp3. The show reaches thousands of listeners, now over 60 episodes deep. Throughout each installment, you'll hear anything from harsh noise and ambient drone to black metal and folk, industrial and techno to musique concrète and other experimental oddities. 

Subscribe to the show in the iTunes Music Store or via your favorite podcast application or RSS reader.


If you'd like to hear your music or your label's music on the show, please get in touch. I'm especially interested in your noisy techno, weird rock 'n roll, post metal, depressing bedroom compositions, jazz and minimal synth recordings. I encourage you to get in touch.

Please note: Only physical copies are aired. 

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