Episode 028: Stolen

Back for our second episode of the week, with new tapes from Boan, Granite Mask and J. De Sosa. Here's the list:

  • Boan - Mentiras (Holodeck, pre-order)

  • Granite Mask - Her Venomous Hiss (Nostilevo)

  • HHL - Shorn/Flail (Summer Isle)

  • Shallow Waters - IV

  • Alexander Lewis - One Hundred Acres (Total Black)

  • J. De Sosa - Orgasm Without Hinderance (Nightgaunt Recordings)

I'm keeping this episode ad-free and instead, encouraging you to help out fellow noise artist and friend of the show, Jeff Plummer (Immaculate:Grotesque, Shallow Waters, Creeping) by donating to the Gofundme campaign set up in his name. To date, $420 has been raised for Jeff. Let's see if we can't push that amount a little closer the $1200 goal. Any contribution will help, no matter the size. If you're a fan of the show, a fan of Jeff's or a fan of noise in general, I hope you'll to send a few bucks his way. 

Jeff Plummer Robbery Recovery Fundhttp://www.gofundme.com/jeffplummerrobbed

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