Frozen In Time II Release Party

San Francisco record label Black Horizons will present a new cassette compilation of music to be played in time with the films of Ingmar Bergman. Artists involved include L'Acephale, Spettro Family, German Army, Micromelancolié, Night Worship, and Head Dress, who will be performing live. Besides the live performance, there will be screenings of some of the selections with video to match, and a talk about the compilation. The set will be available for purchase for the first time at a discounted in-person rate.

This should be a great night. I went to the last listening party event that Black Horizons hosted to celebrate the release of Sunken Cathederal's recent tape and it was fantastic. We sat on the floor by candlelight and listened to the album in its entirety and additionally, were treated to a short live performance as well. This one will be a little bit different in that we'll be listening to and viewing pieces written to accompany specific segments of various Ingmar Bergman films. I will be performing live for this event as Head Dress, recreating a score to Bergman's Cries and Whispers

If you'll be in the Los Angeles area next Saturday make it a point to get to the show. It's hosted by Black Horizons and my record store of choice, Vacation Vinyl. Copies of the 3x cassette Frozen in Time II set will be on hand and available for a reduced in-person rate. 

Join the Facebook event page for more information.

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