Photo by Ben Clark.

Photo by Ben Clark.

Techno. Experimental. Noise. Drone.

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Releases on: Granulart Records, Black Horizons, Phinery, Cønjuntø Vacíø, III Arms / Atrocious Symphonies, Nightgaunt Recordings…

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Incomplete equipment list: Make Noise Music 9U modular system, 0-Coast. The Harvestman 6U mk1 System. AKAI MPC Live, Wave Idea Bitstream 3x, Elektron Octatrack, Analog FOUR, Analog RYTM, Analog Heat. Hypersynth Xenophone.  MFB Tanzmaus. OTO BAM. Modor NF-1. Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. Quasimidi Sirius, Alesis ION. Roland MC-303, SH-101, TB-303, TR-909. KORG Monologue, E2, ES2, MS20m. Waldorf Blofeld, Pulse+. Ensoniq Fizmo. Jackson guitars. Randall Amplifiers. Tascam 202mkVI (x4).

Featured Release: Marked (Atrocious Symphonies / III Arms) available now.

Guitar and DSP.Mastered by Conflation Port. Layout / Design by The Atrocious. Photography by Ted Butler.

Completes the unnamed trilogy, following Backwards (Geology Records) and Mesa (Horror Fiction Tapes).

Latest Release: Contempt (Granulart Records) out 01/15/2018.

Mastered by Koschitsky. Layout / Design by Kessell. Preview now:



01.18.2018 - Contempt EP (Granulart Records, Spain)
07.21.2017 - Confidence Intervals (Entertainment Systems, USA)
07.07.2017 - Garden (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Belgium)
06.01.2017 - Marked (III Arms / Atrocious Symphonies, Spain)
01.06.2017 - Devil's Triangle (Castle Bravo, USA)
11.11.2016 - Bodies Of Water (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Belgium)
03.22.2016 - Rose (Spring Break Tapes, USA)
02.01.2016 - Skewbi & Head Dress - Aglantha (Speaker Footage, Denmark)
01.29.2016 - Slow Chime (Hylé Tapes, France)
01.08.2016 - Dead In His Saddle (Dionysian Tapes, USA)
12.14.2015 - Warsaw (Phinery, Denmark)
10.25.2015 - Recordings For Ensoniq Fizmo Vol. 1 (Black Horizons, USA)
09.01.2015 - Crawl, Take (Cønjuntø Vacíø, Spain)
06.01.2015 - Backwards (Geology Records, USA)
03.07.2015 - Lethargy (Nightgaunt Recordings, USA)
01.25.2015 - Mesa (Horror Fiction Tapes, USA)
12.16.2014 - Deicide (A Giant Fern, Portugal)
09.25.2014 - Warren (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)

Appearances, Splits & Compilations:
01.18.2019 - The Field Out There (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Belgium)
07.15.2018 - 5 Years of Granulart (Granulart Recordings, Spain)
05.08.2018 - Uncover 3.5 (Granulart Recordings, Spain)
01.15.2018 - Compilation 001 (Norelco Mori Ltd., USA)
05.19.2017 - Intercom - Lancaster Park (Shareware, US)
03.09.2017 - BE as HAPPY as POSSIBLE (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
05.23.2016 - AKM .. Remixes - PROXEMIQUES I (Tsuku Boshi, France)
10.30.2015 - Tales From Hyde Square SFX (Spooky SFX, USA)
06.15.2015 - Launch Compilation (Speaker Footage, Denmark)
05.18.2015 - Head Dress / Wether - Split (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
02.18.2015 - .museum (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
01.26.2015 - Somehow Commissioned #2: Texture (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
12.13.2014 - Frozen In Time II: Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman (Black Horizons, USA)