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About Your Host


About Your Host

About your host. 

Ted Butler is a certified Logic Pro trainer and sound designer living in Los Angeles, CA.

My interests include synthesizers of all types and fine coffees brewed the hard way. 

I'm actively recording and performing as Head Dress, with recent releases on labels such as, Phinery, A Giant Fern, Black Horizons, and Cønjuntø Vacíø. 

Keep scrolling for a look at the current Head Dress discography.


Head Dress Discography

Head Dress Discography

Head Dress discography.

TBA - Confidence Intervals (Entertainment Systems, USA)
TBA - Marked (III Arms / Atrocious Symphonies, Spain)

01.06.2017 - Devil's Triangle (Castle Bravo, USA)

11.11.2016 - Bodies Of Water (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Belgium)
03.22.2016 - Rose (Spring Break Tapes, USA)
02.01.2016 - Skewbi & Head Dress - Aglantha (Speaker Footage, Denmark)
01.29.2016 - Slow Chime (Hylé Tapes, France)
01.08.2016 - Dead In His Saddle (Dionysian Tapes, USA)

12.14.2015 - Warsaw (Phinery, Denmark)
10.25.2015 - Recordings For Ensoniq Fizmo Vol. 1 (Black Horizons, USA)
09.01.2015 - Crawl, Take (Cønjuntø Vacíø, Spain)
06.01.2015 - Backwards (Geology Records, USA)
03.07.2015 - Lethargy (Nightgaunt Recordings, USA)
01.25.2015 - Mesa (Horror Fiction Tapes, USA)
12.16.2014 - Deicide (A Giant Fern, Portugal)
09.25.2014 - Warren (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)

Appearances, Splits & Compilations:
03.09.2017 - BE as HAPPY as POSSIBLE (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
05.23.2016 - AKM .. Remixes - PROXEMIQUES I (Tsuku Boshi, France)
10.30.2015 - Tales From Hyde Square SFX (Spooky SFX, USA)
06.15.2015 - Launch Compilation (Speaker Footage, Denmark)
05.18.2015 - Head Dress / Wether - Split (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
02.18.2015 - .museum (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
01.26.2015 - Somehow Commissioned #2: Texture (Phinery Tapes, Denmark)
12.13.2014 - Frozen In Time II: Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman (Black Horizons, USA)